Topic: Q4 2019 MR (V20) Firmware

This post contains the Q4 2019 MR Firmware V20 which consists of the following versions:

MR version: v-.20 (bl:201)

From the main RespirAct start up screen:

1. Download the attached file, transfer to USB, and plug USB into RespirAct UI
2. Select "Select Info"
3. Select "Update Firmware updater"
4. Select the "..." button to and select the downloaded firmware file
5. Follow the on-screen instructions. If you are required to power cycle the MR unit, simply unplug the power and plug it back in.
6. After installing the firmware, system info should display the following:

MR version: v-.20 (bl:201)
CtrlRoom version: v-.14 (bl:201)
UI version: 1.0.6738.18917

*** Please remember to update your license file to Q4 2019 ***

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